Blog Traffic and Income Report November 2017

Blog Traffic and Income Report

I cannot believe we’ve already reached December. 2017 has definitely flown by so quickly and I feel like each year after this one is going to fly by too.

Today I am going to share with you my very first blog traffic and income report as a new blogger.

I started blogging at the end of September, however, I created The Hustling Budget when I was sick home from work in May. It had taken me four whole months to create my blog, create content for it and make it look as pretty as possible.

My lifestyle is always busy, so at times I do find it hard to write posts and promote my content. I work every day of the week and even after I have finished work, there is still always something to do.

When I get to work on my blog, I feel incredibly happy. It is my little baby and biz.

So here’s how November went down.

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Traffic for November 2017


I received 1,892 views for the month of November and I am SUPER thrilled. During October I only received 777 views. I am so happy that my views increased. They did go back down again towards the end of November, so I need to keep my views consistent.

My bounce rate is quite high too, so I am looking and finding ways to bring that down as well.

One of my pins on Pinterest went semi-viral, which brought in most of my traffic and it also brought in 35 new subscribers. Yay! I was so happy to see new people join in and read my blog.

This was the Pin that generated the majority of my traffic for November.

Income Report for November 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that I made 29 cents during the month of November! I was pretty happy to see that I had earned some income, even if it was teeny tiny.

How do I earn 29 cents? Through advertisements. Yay!

Expenses for November 2017

Unfortunately, the income that I earned from my blog during November, isn’t nearly enough to cover my expenses.

Siteground Hosting – $3.95. This is the host I use to host The Hustling Budget. I actually prepaid my hosting for the year which was $86.35AUD. If you use my link you will be able to get discounted hosting for $3.95mo. Click here to join Siteground.

Convertkit – $29.00mo. This is who I use to send out newsletters and I LOVE it. I can send out newsletters, create multiple sign up forms throughout my blog, easily create automation and sequences to send out. Click here to checkout Convertkit and claim your free 14 day trial.

Tailwind – $10.00. This is the tool I use to schedule pins for Pinterest. It took a while to get used to using Tailwind, however, after some playing around I have fallen in love with Tailwind and wouldn’t use another scheduler. Click here to sign up for a free trial of Tailwind.

The Blogging Blueprint Course – $119.00. I purchased this course during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales for 20% off and I have been DEVOURING it ever since. Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs created this awesome course. The course teaches you how to implement SEO throughout your site, how to create popular blog posts, how to increase your traffic and so much more. This course is perfect for beginner bloggers. Click here to check out The Blogging Blueprint.

Popular Posts for November 2017

My most popular posts for the month of November:

Blogging Goals for December

  • Increase my pageviews to 2,000+
  • Increase my income
  • Take the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course. I purchased this course a while back and have slowly been implementing the strategies in this course. It’s definitely worth the purchase and has been super helpful.

Do you have a blog? Are you looking to increase your income or views? Do you share income reports?

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