These 10 things may be hurting your finances more than you think. Learn how to save money with these easy money saving hacks.

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It is always advisable to spend our money wisely, budget wisely and get the most of what we spend our money on.

Below you’ll find out what you may be waisting your money on and how to fix it.

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Yes, food! I know that I had pretty much always used to make unnecessary food purchases and never stuck to grocery lists and/or would end up purchasing takeaway food that would cost at least $50 per meal. I was always wondering why my bank account was running dry so quickly.

Writing down a shopping list and sticking to what is on the list is very helpful. It allows me to purchase what I actually need and not want or lead me to make any unnecessary food purchases.

I found The $5 Meal Plan which has been incredibly helpful and has lowered my expenses when it comes to purchasing food. The $5 Meal plan has a tonne of fantastic budget-friendly meals that won’t break the bank and they take only half an hour to prepare a cook. Click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial.


Already have ten pairs of the same jeans? Me too! It wasn’t until I recently moved that I found heaps of clothes that were unworn and probably would never be worn. Money is literally going down the drain (and in the pockets of retailers). Heck, I found I had four of the same style top – which I definitely did not need to buy.

Declutter your clothes and consider donating them to a charity. Your unworn clothes will go to someone who will really appreciate it.

Bottled Water

Buying bottled water could cost you over $100+ each and every single year.

Buy purchasing bottled water, you are potentially hurting the environment. Plastic bottles end up in our oceans and hurt animals and their habitats. Did you know that plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to break down? 

Ditch the bottled water, invest in a glass or BPA free water bottle and a tap filter or a jug with a water filter.

Cable T.V.

Nowadays we seem to be streaming online more than paying for cable T.V. Consider using online streaming websites such as Netflix or Hulu to stream all of your favourite T.V. shows and movies. These streaming websites offer plans for as low as $10 where as cable T.V. could cost you up to $500 or more each year.

Overdue Fees

If you pay your bill late, you may attract an overdue fee. Some companies may charge a hefty overdue for each day your bill is late. I used to pay my phone bill over the due date and would attract a lovely overdue fee of $15.

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Bank Fees

The bank will try and take as many fees as they possibly can from you, however, you can avoid this. Most banks will waive the monthly service fee if you deposit a certain amount of money into your account each month. My bank account requires a deposit of $2,000 each month to avoid the monthly service fee.

If you are at the ATM avoid printing off the transaction history receipt as some banks charge 20c. You are better off checking your funds through Internet or Mobile banking.

Mobile Phone Bill

Phone companies are allowed to charge $100+ each month to use their services. Do you really need that extra Internet data on your phone? If you have plenty of Wifi access than you may not need it.

Consider downgrading your phone plan or lease a phone. Leasing a phone can be cheaper than owning the phone.

Lotto Tickets and Instant Scratch Cards

Do you want to win $1,000 each week for the next five years or the next $100,000,000 power ball? What are the odds of winning that prize? How much are you spending on lotto tickets and instant scratch cards each week?

Say you are spending $10 a week on lotto tickets or instant scratch cards. This could add up to $528+ each year.

Ditch spending money on lotto tickets and instant scratch cards and start your own blog today.

Siteground offer hosting plans for as little as $3.95 per month and you can start earning your own passive income today. Click here to read more about Siteground and their kick-ass hosting plans.

Purchasing Coffee

Walking into a coffee shop and smelling freshly roasted coffee is bliss. A cup of coffee can give you that caffeine boost for the day.

Your barista may make you the best mouth watering coffee of all time and maybe that’s why you continue to go back and depending on what kind of coffee you purchase, whether that be a large double shot caramel latte it could cost twice as much as making your own cup of coffee.

Purchase quality ground coffee and a french press and press at home or work.

Makeup Remover

Makeup remover used to cost me $15 a pop and I knew (well at least, I thought I knew) I needed to buy it in order to take off my makeup.

It wasn’t until I discovered Face Halo. Face Halo is a mini micro fibre pad that removes all of your makeup by just adding water. Face Halo comes in a pack of three and can last up to six months. Goodbye makeup remover! Click here to find out more about Face Halo.

What is something that you may be spending a lil’ too much on?