Check out these super easy tips to save money and live debt free

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I am always looking for ways to save money. Not too long ago I used to spend my money left, right and centre! I didn’t have a single cent in my savings account and I didn’t care about what I was spending my money on.

I knew I had to pay off my personal loan and credit card – so I would always make sure I had enough money to cover those repayments. With any of left over money, I would spend it – all. the. time.

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Over the last few years my perspective on money has changed a lot and it’s actually refreshing to see money in my savings account.

I am glad that my views on spending money have changed and I know that I don’t need the latest and greatest piece of technology or item of clothing.

Today, I am going to share with you 10 things that I do to save money and the great thing is that these ways of saving money are pretty simple.

1. Research fuel prices

My car only takes a certain type of fuel – which can get quite expensive sometimes. I like to check around my local petrol stations to see which one is more affordable at the time.

I usually run out of petrol (that’s on about half a tank) within about a week and a half of filling up and also depending where I have driven too. I usually only drive to and from work during the week and weekends.

So, instead of spending $240 a month on petrol, I now only spend between $80-$120 each month. It is a rare occasion that I will get a full tank of petrol (and honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary to always have to refill to a full tank). The extra $120-$160 can go towards paying off my credit card and/or reducing my personal loan.

If you’re looking to find the most affordable petrol in town, I recommend using the app GasBuddy.

2. Compare car insurance quotes

I’m still under 25 and car insurance is still quite expensive. Each year before my policy ends, I like to compare prices and find the best deals and benefits with car insurance companies.

To save a little extra on car insurance I’ve increased my excess amount – which lowers my monthly premium and I’ve lowered the agreed market value for my car too.

I could be spending over $100 on car insurance each month, instead I only spend $62 each month.

3. Bring my lunch to work

Bringing my own lunch to work has saved me over $100 each week and I couldn’t be more happier. By bringing my lunch to work I am able to eat healthier and feel happier.

I purchased a Bento lunch box from my local supermarket (these lunch boxes are also great for the kids), which has so many compartments to store your lunch.

I like to prepare my lunch the night before.

4. Shop at Aldi

Don’t under estimate the wonderful world of Aldi Supermarket. I love shopping at Aldi and I can get so many great prices on food that would cost a boat load more at regular chain supermarkets.

My partner requested lasange for dinner one night and I made a quick stop to Aldi to get all of the ingredients – which only ended up costing a little over $10 and it lasts us over two nights.

5. Freeze loaves of bread

I love having fresh bread but it sucks when it only lasts two to three days and then you have to throw half the loaf away. Freezing my bread has helped reduce the cost of buying and wasting bread – score!

I usually take out enough slices to defrost and it is still perfectly fresh. You can freeze bread for up to six months – even better.

6. Read the weekly catalogues

Every week I like to checkout the weekly catalogues. This can help determine what the best food prices are, what I can buy in bulk and what I can cook for dinner that week.

7. Grind my own coffee beans

If you’re a lover of coffee – I definitely recommend grinding your own beans. Grinding your own beans can save a tonne of money and it’s super simple and easy to do.

I used to buy already ground coffee from the supermarket which would cost around $5-10 a bag and only last about a month or less.

I purchased 1KG bag of coffee beans from Aldi for $11 and grind my beans using my $20 coffee grinder from Kmart. The bag lasts ages and it makes a really great cup of coffee.

If you’re currently purchasing takeaway coffee – which can cost around $4.50 a pop that can total up to $378+ each year. If you buy yourself a good bag o’ beans and a grinder you’ll significantly reduce this cost and have extra cash to pay off any debts. Yay!

8. Stopped purchasing magazines

I used to love to purchase magazines and would always buy Cosmopolitan and read it every single month, it was something that I really enjoyed.

I soon realised that buying magazines every month would total to around $150+ each year (whoops). If you still love to read magazines, you can optin for a digital subscription which is more affordable than a hard copy.

9. Use Rewards Cards

I used to think having rewards card were kinda lame – but they actually aren’t at all!

Rewards cards can have so many benefits, for example, one supermarket allows me to accumulate my points over the year and spend what I’ve earned during Christmas time – that’s up to $120!

Other rewards cards allow you to earn points to purchase electronics or travel – which I think is a great bonus.

10. Eat dinner at home

Eating out can cost a bucket load and sometimes the food quality isn’t even that great.

Cooking your own meals at home can save you heaps of money, plus you know exactly what you’re putting into your food.

If you’re stuck on time and not sure what to prepare I recommend checking out the $5 Meal Plan. The $5 Meal Plan delivers affordable meal plans straight to your inbox every week. If you sign up using my link you can try out $5 Meal Plan free for 14 days – click here to join and have tasty meal plans delivered right to your inbox!

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